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Congratulations on the successful opening of the Second World Conference on resilient flooring!

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On December 9, 2020, the Second World Conference on resilient flooring was successfully held in Shanghai, China. The purpose of this conference is to combine the innovation and development of flexible flooring industry, organize service sectors such as planning, design, standard, testing, certification, green evaluation, etc. to connect with foreign countries, boost the products to quickly win the high praise of consumers, and "introduce" foreign advanced management experience, production technology and standard testing, so as to better realize the mutual exchange between industries of various countries and achieve mutual win-win. At the meeting, Yan Yifeng, chairman of Zhihai company and professor level senior engineer, delivered a speech entitled "the latest progress of environmental stabilizers for stone plastic flooring in Europe and America" according to the latest research and development achievements of Zhihai company.

In this speech, chairman Yan Yifeng focused on the requirements of the latest European and American standards for metal content in export products, and introduced the new products developed by Zhihai company according to the latest standards of Europe and America.

Among them, SPC updated products, aimsta2618; aimsta2619 without aluminum stabilizer; and Zhihai modifier 2639.

Zhihai company, as the first enterprise in China to develop and produce non-toxic environmental stabilizers, has been taking non-toxic environmental protection as the research and development foundation, based on this, persistently takes the road of non-toxic environmental protection, and pays close attention to the latest international standards and requirements, closely follows the latest laws and regulations, and constantly develops environmental protection products meeting the requirements of the latest standards! The new products developed by Zhihai company have many advantages, such as strong stability, no coking material, no precipitation, long processing time, stable flow, and can reduce the amount of stabilizer by 20%, very cost-effective and so on. Moreover, the products have been verified by customers, and have been recognized by customers. The elastic floor stabilizer and SPC floor stabilizer of tonghaihai company are all good products of upgrading.

At the award party on December 09, Zhihai company won the first prize of "excellent supplier of China elastic flooring industry" by China Building Decoration Materials Association for its excellent product performance, stable product quality and advanced product concept.

Zhihai company sincerely thanks the association leaders for the recognition and affirmation of Zhihai company in the construction decoration industry. Meanwhile, Zhihai company will continue to make great efforts to develop non-toxic environmental protection stabilizer with better performance and higher cost performance!