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一、Enterprise profile

Founded in 1997, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, is specialized in non-toxic environmentally friendly PVC stabilizer research, production and sales of integrated national high-tech enterprises. Company employees 77 people, of which more than 40 academic staff, senior technical staff of 15. The company in Huizhou City Huiyang District Qiu Chang town established its own production of industrial parks, a total of spectrometer, rheometer, QUV UV aging instrument, such as more than 50 advanced detection and development equipment, state-level industrial development laboratories, production plant area of 17,000 square Meters, the production capacity of 40,000 tons / year.

二、The development of enterprises

The company in 2007 by the Shenzhen high-tech enterprise qualification and the "2007 Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Award (industrial enterprises) honor," AIMSEA 志海 "trademark was named Guangdong famous brand. Company's products were" 2009 Guangdong Province focus New products "and" independent research and development of new products in Guangdong Province in 2010. "2011 so far the company for three consecutive access to national high-tech enterprise qualification and was awarded the" corporate credit rating AAA-level enterprises "and" 2014 Guangdong outstanding credit business " The company in 2015 in the share reform, and in March 2017 successfully in the "National SME Equity Trading Center" listing.

三、The business scope of the enterprise

Over the past 22 years, the company's "志海" brand has been domestic and foreign markets and industry highly affirmed. Major customers focus on the global market of outstanding PVC manufacturers, The company has managed the program to effectively implement the standard system requirements, in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system for product quality and operating system for process management, through the joint efforts of all the company from top to bottom, improve the company's security measures.。

四、Enterprise development prospects

The company will continue to maintain the leading domestic first-class green PVC stabilizer leading position, injection of new environmental protection chemicals in the research and development, from finished products, semi-finished products, raw materials up and down to form the industry chain, led the national green plastic additives industry focus on development. Is expected to have three factories in the country base, the world's sales network channels. Now the new three board listed companies, is expected to be listed on the motherboard within 5 years plan.

五、Benefit Analysis

PVC stabilizer environmental protection is imperative, especially the research and development of calcium and zinc system, non-toxic environmentally friendly PVC stabilizer has a more realistic market and market space. Conservative is expected to market sales of more than 50 billion yuan. In the whole company restructuring listed after the listing, expect to become a country, society, shareholders and staff satisfaction of the world-class outstanding enterprises.

Look forward to welcome friends from all walks of life and the company, negotiate, support each other, and seek common development!

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