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Leaders of China Plastics Processing Industry Association visited Zhihai environmental stabilizer production base in Shenzhen

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   On November 29, 2020, Zhu Wenwei, chairman of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Wang Zhanjie, vice president and secretary general, Jiao Hongwen, deputy secretary general and office director and director of Economic Cooperation Department, and Jia Ning, deputy director of Economic Cooperation Department, visited Huizhou production base of Shenzhen Zhihai company for observation and guidance The leaders of China Plastics Association warmly welcomed their visit and accompanied them throughout the inspection.

   President Zhu and his party visited the R & D center and product production workshop of Zhihai company, affirmed the accumulation of experimental production data and meticulous work of the R & D and production team of Zhihai company for more than 20 years, and provided valuable opinions on the establishment of big data system.

   In the research meeting, Yan Qing, President of Zhihai company, made a detailed introduction on the company's founding concept, vision, development history, core team members, core patented technology and output results, company's business situation, market customer distribution and future prospects. Wang Zhanjie, vice chairman and Secretary General of Zhihai company, affirmed the contribution of Zhihai company in the environmental protection work of Pipeline Industry Association, and also hoped that Zhihai company would put forward some reference suggestions for RoHS method of product detection, so as to let more downstream enterprises understand. Jiao Hongwen, deputy secretary general, office director and director of Economic Cooperation Department, expressed his approval for the lean management of our laboratory and workshop

   Chairman Zhu is full of information and hopes for the second start-up of the younger generation of our company. He encourages us to firmly adhere to the management policy of Zhihai company: "customer centered, technology innovation as the core, quality first, continuous improvement and continuous progress". He taught us to listen to the voice of customers carefully, collect the dissatisfaction of customers' feedback, and take the problem as the guidance to improve continuously. The leadership focused on the long-term strategy of Zhihai company to "deeply plough the domestic market, continuously improve the quality, replace foreign technology in key technology, fill in the blank, and be a single champion and unicorn in the subdivision field".

   At last, Yan Yifeng, chairman of Zhihai company, expressed his great gratitude to president Zhu, Secretary General Wang and other leaders for their care and guidance of our company, and promised that Zhihai company, as the backbone enterprise of the industry, would play a positive and active role and contribute to the development of green environmental protection of the industry.