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Shenzhen Aimsea Industry Co., Ltd. Yanqing, Yan Yifeng won the king star

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September 23 morning, the king of the star ------ plastic sector glory character awards ceremony and large easy to plastic on-line two anniversary celebration held in Dongguan, Guangdong, the scene announced the king star "popularity award", "sales Award "and" new material cutting-edge award "three selection results.

"King of the star ---- plastic sector glory characters" selection activities organized by the Guangdong Provincial Plastics Industry Association, Dongguan City, a large group of large and easy plastic contractor, by the community's attention, votes as many as 150,000. After 24 days of registration, review, voting and on-site review, the event ended successfully. Show the individual value of plasticizing industry personnel, started the corporate reputation, set an example of the power to create an innovative atmosphere of innovation and plastics industry.

Fu An, chairman of Guangdong Plastics Industry Association, said in his speech: "I hope that the traditional enterprises and the Internet will combine to create bright spots in the industry and constantly seek new space for development. We hope this event will become a banner for the industry and become a corporate image , A big push in the market. "

After fierce competition, eventually by the Shenzhen Zhihai Industrial Co., Ltd. Yanqing, Yan Yifeng and Dongguan City, Choi Plastic Co., Ltd. Li Lisha won the Star Award "Popularity Award".

One of the biggest highlights of the award ceremony is innovation! All of the winners can not be separated from the theme of "new" in the glorious course. Some companies are devoted to developing new materials and new products. Some enterprises break the rules and embrace the Internet. Witnessed the plastic industry inheritance and innovation, cross-border integration, the process of transformation and upgrading, but also for the market the most painful nature of the ongoing service upgrades, and now online transactions as the entrance, around the warehousing and logistics, financial support, supply, direct suppliers And other industrial chain supporting services, has constructed a complete plasticization ecosystem.

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