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AIMSEA - once a year of health benefits!

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To protect the health of employees, enhance corporate cohesion, build a harmonious business environment, fully reflects the company's staff care and "people-oriented" corporate culture. ShenZhen Aimsea Industry Co., Ltd. in May 24, 2017 to May 26 conducted an annual inspection of all staff members. The company invited a professional team of physical examination to carry out the inspection. This activity is to improve the staff's understanding of personal health and attention to protect the health of employees, so that the majority of employees in the busy spare time to get adequate health care, with plenty of energy into work. The company's development has been inseparable from these active and diligent, the same way every employee, AIMSEA have been adhering to the "people-oriented" management philosophy, has been the staff's health and staff quality training as a business can not be missing A major task. But also reflects the AIMSEA to social responsibility on the primary position, concerned about the physical and mental health of employees, and common development.